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Helen Ingersoll, owner

Even now I'm surprised I ended up in the beauty industry. As a lifelong horse enthusiast, I was sure I would end up doing something with horses.

1993 I went with a friend to a hair show in Greensboro. As we walked through the trade floor I stopped and watched a man teaching a haircut to passers by.

I remember thinking so clearly "I could totally do that"

One week later I was enrolled in beauty school.

The last 23 years of my career have been an incredible exercise and learning and developing my skill.

I have had amazing teachers and opportunities along the way. From being on the cutting team for L'Oreal professional to learning enhanced business development through Summit's salon business training system. I feel I've had an opportunity to touch on the outer edges of what's important to be successful in the beauty industry.

I have been fortunate to be at the helm of Haven Salon for the past 11 years.

Development of my own skill as well as supporting the development of a talented team has been a dream come true.

The horses continue to figure prominently in my life as many of you know. They create an environment for me to continuously engage in personal growth and bring my very best to Haven and to you.